Our Mission

We work with the Ukrainian and Kansas City community raise awareness of and provide financial and technical humanitarian assistance to internally displaced people, refugees, and other populations negatively affected by armed conflict in Ukraine

Our Vision

Our vision is a Free and Independent Ukraine free from the Russian oppression. No Ukrainian Left in need…is our mission as well as our vision for the future of the independent Ukraine. Our foundation goal is to provide all the refugees as well as internally displaced Ukrainian people with basic medical supplies, food/hygiene essentials, short term relocation assistance, and other necessities that may be required. By doing so, we’ll make sure that Ukrainian people are safely sheltered from the conflict and are ready to return to Ukraine in order to secure the country’s future.

About us

We are a team of experienced aid workers and Ukraine specialists that seeks to provide Kansas Citians opportunities to help people negatively affected by armed conflict in Ukraine

Kansas City Local Partner Organizations

Refugee Status

Largest refugee crisis since World War II

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Million Of Refugees Left Ukraine
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Million people people have been displaced within the country
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Million of people or more than a quarter of the Ukrainian population

How is our organization helping Ukraine?


Collection of funds to be distributed via rapid response grants to other NGOs and volunteering organization that are working with IDPs and refugees in Ukraine

Work with local businesses and individuals to collect funds to be disbursed to local NGOs and volunteers in conflict affected regions

Volunteering to assemble Hygiene And First Aid Kits that will be shipped to Ukraine

Partnership with local humanitarian organizations to assemble hygiene and first aid kits for shipment to Ukrainian refugees

Community Outreach and support campaigns

Organizing local support rallies, donation campaigns, and information awareness events

Ukraine is a country of over 40 million people, all of which can be considered conflict affected. An estimated 10 million people have already been displaced from their homes by the crisis. These people need your help!

Resource Center

Content provided to us via our partners and volunteers

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